Experience The Doriot Difference

Our invisible high-standard that guides our decisions

What is the Doriot Difference?

The #DoriotDifference is our team’s commitment to an unsurpassed level of detail. You will never hear the words “good enough” from us. We work with our clients to learn about their lifestyles, so we can engineer unique solutions to make their house -truly- a dream home.

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Tracy Doriot owner of Doriot Construction Clark County's premier custom home builder

Tracy Listens

The Doriot Difference begins with truly listening to our clients. For example, this year, I engineered a Thule car storage lift that allowed the homeowner to easily pack-up for a weekend adventuring. Then, by the press of a button, the thule storage unit raises up to allow space to drive their care underneath. No more body strain when top mounting anymore!

Doriot Construction Thule Lift Mid Century Modern
Jim Tavares partner of Doriot Construction Clark County's premier custom home builder

Jim Collaborates

Jim is the Doriot Construction man-on-the-ground. He works with every trade partner to ensure everything measures up to the invisible guideline known as the #DoriotDifference. Just recently, after examination, an installation was deemed below expectation and Jim made it right. He did not hesitate, his eye for quality is unmatched.

Sabrina Shanaberger, Project Coordinator at Doriot Construction Clark County's premier custom home builder

Sabrina Cares

Sabrina is our power-house project coordinator and all around superhero. The great part - she truly cares about every detail of your home. She has the experience in the industry to predict pitfalls before they begin. She is all about creating unique solutions for home owners; from every last detail in the kitchen, to inspiring outdoor solutions.

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